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Payments And Credit Card

Do I need a Credit Card to book online?
Can I still make a reservation if I do not have a credit card?
Is it Safe to use my Credit Card?
Would I need to pay anything whilst making a booking online?
When will I have to pay the balance amount?
Would the Hostel or Hotel accept the same credit card that I booked with online?
My Credit/Debit card no. is correct and details are correct, but the hostel/Hotel is not accepting it. Why?
How does the website convert the currency rate?

Making Online Bookings

What is the maximum people I can book for?
I am booking a dormitory for more than one person, but we are not enough to be a group booking; will we still be in the same room?
Do I need to be a member of any youth organization to be able to book?
I have made an error while making a booking and it has gone through. What should I do?

Once Booking is Confirmed


Cancelling a Booking

Group Bookings

How can I make Group Bookings (book more than 10 people)?
Can I book Private Rooms for the Group Leaders?
Can you separate males and females in separate Rooms while make a Group Booking/Reservation?
How can I pay for Group Bookings?
How can I amend or cancel my existing Group booking?
What is the cancellation notice period for Group Bookings?
What happens if do not cancel my Group Booking and do not turn up on the arrival date at the hostel/hotel?

About Hostels and Hotels


What is a hostel?
What does Shared Room/Dorm/Dormitory mean?
What is Private room?
What do you mean by ensuite or ensuite facilities?
And Are all the rooms’ ensuite?
What is the difference between a Double Room and Twin Room?


Are my private and personal details collected while making a booking safe?
Where can I find the terms & conditions agreement for this website?